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Changing A Smoke Alarm Battery

A home fire is a very dangerous situation for you and your loved ones. Even a small smouldering fire can spread quickly to engulf a whole house or building. With only seconds to escape an inferno, smoke alarms can give you early warning and enough time to escape to safety. As the first line of defence against serious injury or death, all smoke detectors must be in good working order. In this blog, Sparc Electrical outline the changes to the new Queensland smoke alarm laws and provide a step-by-step guide on how to change smoke alarms batteries.

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New Queensland Smoke Alarm Legislation

State governments around the country have introduced new smoke alarm legislation across the board to help protect families and properties. In particular, new Queensland smoke alarm legislation will be amongst the strictest in Australia. The gradual transition to new smoke detector rules in our state will affect everyone – from homeowner and landlords to property managers and tenants.

From the first of January in 2017, homes that were new builds or had renovations completed anywhere in the state, need to ensure they had interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms installed throughout the dwelling. From the beginning of last year, the next phase began which required all rented houses and those that were sold to also meet these conditions. This was an especially big change for landlords who needed to install interconnected smoke alarm systems in all their properties with tenants. Starting at the beginning of 2027, the new smoke alarm legislation will apply to every single home in Queensland. Although the deadline is still about 3 or 4 years away, there’s nothing saying you cannot get your smoke detectors upgraded now in preparation.

Sparc Electrical can help you prepare for the new Queensland smoke alarm legislation and beat the expected rush later on. As qualified Master Electricians, we are licensed to install both battery operated an hard wired mains power connected smoke alarms in homes and businesses throughout Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Please get in touch with our friendly team on 0404 213 806 or email

How do you Change a
Smoke Alarm Battery?

Most smoke alarms on the Brisbane northside and the Sunshine Coast are connected to the 240 volt mains power supply. By having power permanently running to your smoke detectors, this ensures your alarm always will be in working order so they can sound to warn you of smoke or a fire. On top of the mains power, smoke alarms have a battery backup system. In the latest model smoke alarms, lithium batteries have enough power to last for 10 years and sometimes even longer. That said, you should still regularly test your smoke alarms and replace the batteries frequently for extra safety.

For most Australian smoke alarms, there are 4 simple steps to changing the battery:

  1. Firstly, you’ll need to release the main section from the bracket holding it. Although different models have different connection methods, almost all units will use either a sliding or twisting lock which can be easily undone.
  1. The next step is to open up the actual body of your smoke detector the take out your old battery and put in a new one. Most smoke alarms will use wither a 9V battery or a coin battery. Sparc Electrical recommends investing in long-life lithium batteries as they can power your device for up to 10 years or longer.
  1. After you have replaced the battery, simply reattach the smoke alarm to its bracket by twisting or sliding it into place.
  1. Finally, make sure everything is working by pressing the test button.

How Often Should Smoke Alarm Batteries Be Changed?

Sparc Electrical strongly recommends replacing smoke detector batteries annually. Although many modern batteries do last a lot longer, swapping batteries more often ensures your family is protected. The best thing to do is set one day each year that’s the specific day for this task – for example the 30th of June.

Smoke alarms are so important in saving lives that in fact in NSW more than half of house fires where someone died did not have smoke detectors installed. Smoke alarms that are functioning properly are still the best method of warning of the danger and making sure you have time to escape. Changing the batteries in your alarms is an essential step in keeping your family safe.


Keep Your Family Safe With
Sparc Electrical!

As a cheap and simple method of protecting your family, smoke alarms can save the lives of your loved ones. By sounding to alert you of a fire, detectors prevent housefires becoming a deadly incident. With the new Queensland fire legislation, it’s super important all north Brisbane and Sunshine Coast homes upgrade their smoke alarms asap. The quickest way to do this is to get in touch with Sparc Electrical. Our teams have been out on the road installing new detectors for homeowners and landlords so they comply with new government legislation. The smoke alarm installation service from Sparc Electrical is performed by licensed electricians so you know they’ll be setup correctly. Call Sparc Electrical on 0404 213 806 or email today to book and get new smoke alarms installed today!