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How Often Should You Book A Commercial Air Con Service?

One of the worst possible things that can happen during your work day is hearing the dreaded rattling of the commercial air conditioner at your office in Brisbane on the Sunshine Coast. It’s even worse when that sound proceeds gusts of hot air coming out of the vents. Believe it or not, this disaster could have been avoided with professional commercial air con maintenance services. This would have saved the emergency AC repairs and made you a lot more comfortable! In this blog article, Sparc Electrical go over the need for regular air conditioning maintenance at your business and how you can repair AC problems quickly and efficiently. If you need help, please call us on 0404 213 806 or email today!

air condition outdoor unit compressor install outside the building.

Signs Your Air Conditioning System Requires Maintenance

The first thing to consider is the last time your commercial air con was serviced. If you cannot remember or it was more than 12 months ago, you definitely need to get onto this important task asap. Setting up a program of scheduled maintenance should be done as quicky as possible and Sparc Electrical can help you with this no matter where you’re located on the Brisbane north or Sunshine Coast. Even though your air conditioning unit may not be making any unusual sounds or have any visible defects, a year is a long time as it’s common for systems to develop issues over this period of time.

Strange Sounds

As soon as you notice a new noise from your AC unit, it’s a sign something may be wrong. As experienced Fridgeys, we’re familiar with the normal sounds air conditioners make when they’re not functioning properly or are on their last legs. In this case, it’s always best to not touch it yourself but call in professional commercial electricians for a check-up.

Bad Smells

If there are strong odours being emitted from your air con system, we can almost guarantee it has a problem. For example, there could be a dead animal stuck in the vents or even a build-up of dirt and grime. No matter what is causing the bad smell, it’s essential for everyone in the workplace you deal with it quickly before it gets worse.

Leaking Water

Problematic AC units also often leak water which can make their way through to the building’s foundation and result in structural damage. If you’re leasing the facility, it’s important your landlord is made aware of this too.

Schedule An Annual AC Maintenance Service

Like all other business equipment, air conditioners also need regular TLC. Setting up an annual maintenance schedule will help keep your units in the best possible form and avoid unexpected downtime. The last thing you need is to have one of the above issues arise to wait before calling up for emergency air con repairs. Not only will your AC unit be out of action and you’ll encounter business disruptions, neglecting maintenance can result in costly fixes which would have otherwise been completely avoidable. In the worst case, not looking after your AC can result in the unit shutting down entirely and needing to be replaced. The answer is simple and easy – take care of you air conditioning and it will take care of you and your colleagues!


Contact Sparc Electrical Today

Sparc Electrical are a team of Master Electricians experienced in all aspects of domestic and commercial air conditioning. From AC maintenance to installation and repairs – we do it all! Our friendly electricins can help you set up an AC maintenance program for your business which includes servicing like cleaning, filter replacement and calibration as well as many other jobs. Our company also offers the most competitive pricing and second-to-none customer service so you can’t go wrong. With our tradies available 24/7 throughout Brisbane North and the Sunshine Coast, Sparc Electrical are one of the region’s leading electrical companies with an outstanding reputation and a long history of satisfied customers. For the best local air con maintenance services for your commercial premises, please call us on 0404 213 806 or email now!