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Office Lighting Tips


Lighting to Improve Office Productivity

People in buildings throughout north Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast have very busy schedules and as a manager or business owner, it’s prudent to undertake an office lighting upgrade to increase productivity and staff morale. The light in a workplace boosts aesthetics and reduces stress which can in turn help them get more done.

The lighting you use has been proven to be effective in helping staff feel better and work more efficiently. For example, a European study found almost 80% of office workers felt lighting is very important to help them focus, however, about 40% said their office environment had poor lighting.

If you’re a business owner or manager in north Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast, you may like to consider installing new office lighting to increase productivity as well as having happier employees who are less stressed. We’ve put together a few tips for you below, but if you would like custom advice on the best lighting for your workspace, please get in touch with the friendly team at Sparc Electrical on 0404 213 806 or email now!


1. Maximise the Amount of
Natural Light

Office workers usually spend almost their whole day inside. Although you’ll need to use indoor lighting, allowing as much sunshine in as possible is still the best option. Not only does natural light make workers feel better, it can also decrease eyestrain and prevent headaches.  Furthermore, with more natural light coming into your building, the amount you spend on electricity with decrease.

2. Create a Suitable Ambiance

Whether you’re on the Brisbane northside or even up on the Sunshine Coast, the colour and temperature of your lighting has a big impact on people in your office. Cool lighting such as gentle blues and whites are excellent at increasing concentration and for keeping employees alert which is great for productivity. Oppositely, warm lighting like yellows and oranges are more suitable for creating a relaxed mood and are more appropriate for entrances and common areas where guests and visitors will likely be.  Lighting position is also important and if you’d like some friendly advice, please call the commercial lighting electricians at Sparc Electrical on 0404 213 806 or email   

3. Install Energy-Efficient Lights

With modern technology, it is possible to have the perfect office lighting for your staff whilst also enjoying the benefits of energy-efficiency. By investing in power saving lighting like LEDs, halogens, and CFLs you’ll be able to reduce electric costs whilst also doing your part to look after the environment. 

Nowadays, smart lights come with a host of features like motion-sensors for bathrooms etc as well as lighting in parking spaces with timers to further assist your business reduce its power consumption. Furthermore, dimmer light settings can be useful in offices where a certain job doesn’t need the highest level of brightness. 

4. Don’t Forget Security Lights

As an employer, you have a duty of care to look after your workers under the government’s Workplace Health and Safety Regulations. It is your responsibility to make sure you’re the office environment and surrounds do not pose any major hazards and that they are managed properly. The installation of security lights is an important compliance step. Not only do these light up to provide safe thoroughfare to avoid tripping hazards and the like, they also increase the physical security of your premises by alerting occupants to the approach of others. If your workers often walk outside alone or in small groups of an evening, Spar Electrical strongly recommend installing security lighting.


Contact our
Professional Commercial Electricians

Business owners and managers in Brisbane north and the Sunshine Coast have huge responsibilities. Not only do they have to look after the wellbeing of their staff, they also have to ensure the company remains profitable. Proper commercial office lighting can play a big role in fulfilling both of these duties. Besides making workers feel safer, a system of good lights can have a huge effect on improving workers’ moods and increasing productivity.

The Master commercial electricians at Sparc Electrical are highly experienced at office lighting installations and can help with all kinds including LEDs and dimmers as well as security lights. Our friendly team can even help with repairs as well as commercial lighting upgrades. For expert advice and competitive rates, please contact Sparc Electrical on 0404 213 806 or email now!