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The Ultimate Switchboard Safety Checklist

How Do I Know My Switchboard Is Safe?

Poorly maintained or old switchboards may be unsafe. This situation can result in housefires, electric shocks and even death in the worst circumstances. To help keep you and your family safe, the Master Electricians at Sparc Electrical have put together this 10-Point Switchboard Visual Checklist that you can use at your property to look for danger. If you notice problems with any point on this checklist, please call Sparc Electrical immediately and we’ll be right out to fix your electrical safety issues. You can then have peace of mind knowing that your switchboard is in good working order and your loved ones are protected. To book a service, please call us on 0404 213 806 or email now!

10-Point Visual Switchboard Checklist

Exposed live components in a switchboard are a serious threat to the safety of your family and others at the property. If unsure whether a part is live or carrying a charge, do not touch it but call us for immediate rectification.

If you notice evidence of insects and other animals being in your switchboard, you’ll need to contact a professional electrician. Vermin such as rats and mice as well as geckos are a fire risk for your property. Please no not try to clean their mess up yourself as this could expose you to potential electrocution. Instead, Sparc Electrical can safely remove any nests or other debris then seal of access points to prevent future infestations.

Asbestos represents a serious threat to the health of you and your loved ones. Whatever you do, do not touch it or otherwise disturb it. There are strict legal requirements for the replacement and disposal of asbestos and your local Master Electrician can offer professional advice of this hazardous waste.

The main earth in your switchboard is essential in preventing electric shocks in certain circumstances. If you notice this component is damaged, missing or otherwise in poor condition, you’ll need to immediately contact Sparc Electrical straight away. The main earth will need to be replaced urgently to protect your family from potentially fatal electrocution.

The law now prohibits that installation of rewireable fuses. This older switchboard component has been shown to have caused multiple fires recently. Additionally, they are no longer considered to be safe and must be replaced with a combined circuit breaker and safety switch as soon as possible.

If there’s ever an electric shock given to a resident at your property, properly installed and working safety switches turn the power off faster than a heartbeat. This is an important measure in preventing serious injury or death by electrocution. Safety switches are now legally required for all power points in a commercial or residential property.

Legislation has stipulated that safety switches must be installed on all lighting circuits in new homes. These devices safe lives and we strongly urge you to consider installing them – it could save your life or the life of your family!

With all other final circuits in new homes, the law now mandates safety switches must be present. If you’re not sure if you have these, please get in touch with Sparc.

Over recent years, there has been an increasing number of recalls on many cables used in switchboards. It’s always best to speak to a Master Electrician such as the team at Sparc Electrical to make sure you’re not at risk.

If you have an older switchboard that is corroded, has signs of water getting in or has loose hinges and door catches, please call us. These issues represent a fire risk and increase the chances of electric shocks.

Upgrade Your Switchboard Today

After inspecting your switchboard, please get in touch with Sparc Electrical straight away if you notice any of the signs listed in our checklist above. When it comes to electricity, there’s not much room for error and it is very unforgiving. To keep your family, staff or customers safe, it’s essential your electrical systems are in good working order and do not present any major risks. This is especially true for switchboards as they are one of the central devices in your home or business.

Sparc Electrical are big proponents of electrical safety and work hard to ensure our customers are protected. We have decades of experience and the latest skills and equipment to ensure you receive the highest level of workmanship on every job. With over 100 stellar 5 star online reviews, we’re the most trusted north Brisbane Master Electricians.

Whether you need help upgrading your switchboard, installing new lights or anything else, please call our friendly staff in the office on 0404 213 806 or email us at today for affordable services from a local electrician you can rely on to keep you and your loved ones safe!