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How Safe Are Electric Blankets?

Are electric blankets safe to use? These are a really good method to keep warm in the cooler weather, without having to pay out a lot for a heating system or reverse cycle air conditioner. However, some people are worried about the safety of electric blankets which is a valid concern as all electrical devices come with a risk of faults and dangers. Sparc Electrical is dedicated to making sure all our customers possess the knowledge required to make informed choices about their electrical systems and equipment. That’s why we’ve put together some answers to common questions about electrical blanket safety.

1. What Happens If Someone Pees On An Electric Blanket?

The question is, are electric blankets safe for bed wetters? In general, electric blankets are completely safe for those who wet the bed. Blankets soak up most of the moisture so it doesn’t really represent a risk. Urine also contains a lot of salt making it more difficult to conduct electricity. However, if you’re still concerned, be safe and choose a hot water bottle to heat a bed for those who often wet the bed.

2. Can I Leave An Electric Blanket On All Night?

Modern electric blankets are manufactured to extremely stringent safety standards. However, the same a electric heaters, the best idea is to turn them off when you go to sleep. Electric blankets should be used to heat up your bed before going to sleep. This reduces the risks significantly.


3. Are Electric Blankets Safe For Kids?

The answer is yes. Electric blankets are not really risky for kids. However, they should be replaced at least every 5 years because they can wear out over time. That said, remember not to leave electric blankets on all night to avoid problems and ensure you pay attention when your child has them turned on.

4. Are Electric Blankets Safe During Pregnancy?

There are risks to a foetus when pregnant woman overheats especially during the first seven to eight weeks of pregnancy. We recommend you seek your doctor’s advice before using an electric blanket to be safe.

5. Are Electric Blankets Safe for the Elderly?

Some elderly people have sensory illnesses such as Parkinson’s, dementia or Alzheimer’s and this may pose a risk as they may not be aware they are overheating. In these cases, it’s always best to use an alternative method to keep them toasty.

6. Are Electric Blankets Safe With A Pacemaker?

Electric blankets are safe to use if you have a pacemaker when working correctly. However, once again always seek professional medical advice first.

7. Are Electric Blankets Safe for Toddlers?

Electric blankets are reported to be safe for toddlers but remember to stick to the advice of not turning them on the whole night. Use it to heat your child’s bed before bedtime. You can also use the timer setting to make sure they turn off because sometimes we may forget to switch them off.


8. Are Electric Blankets Safe for Dogs?

Young dogs or puppies could chew the cord or play with it. Make sure your cables are safely tucked away and keep a close eye on your canine buddy.

9. Are Electric Blankets Safe for Cats?

With electric blankets and cats, especially kittens and younger cats, they like to play with long and dangling things such as cords. Also, they have sharp teeth and claws which can pierce the wiring. If you decide to use your electric blanket for you cats, you must make sure the cable is hidden and you watch your feline friends.


Electric blankets are usually safe to use for almost everyone. Nowadays, electric blankets are manufactured to meet or exceed stringent safety standards. When used as supposed to be according to instructions, there are minimal risks to your loved ones. However, always make sure cords are tucked away from pets which may chew or play with them. Also, electric blankets should not be used for the elderly who have cognitive impairments such as dementia or Alzheimers.

Most importantly, always remember electric blankets should be used to warm up your bed before sleeping and turned off when you jump into bed. Timers can also be used to safely switch them off.

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