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Solar Panel Bird Proofing & Maintenance

Solar energy is now recognized as the most economical source of renewable energy all over the world. With more and more domestic households and commercial rooftops installing solar all over north Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, birds can be a problem. Solar panels provide warmth and shelter for a wide variety of birds, especially pigeons which take refuge on their underside.


When birds build nests under the solar panels, airflow is restricted which causes the panels to overheat, reducing system efficiency. Birds can also eat away at the cabling around the panels which can cause sparks, fires and even complete system failure. To prevent problems with your solar PV system, get Sparc Electrical in to bird proof them. Bird proofing your solar panels is an affordable option to protect your investment and add value to your home. Our qualified electricians use a variety of methods to bird proof solar panels around north Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.


How To Birdproof Solar Panels?

Bird Spikes

Installing bird spikes may appear to be a cruel way of keeping the birds at bay, but actually it does not hurt the animals. Birds see the spikes and don’t land on them so they don’t get hurt. This is a very effective method of keeping those pesky pigeons away.

Predator Fakes

Another way to keep birds and animals away is to install fakes of predators like owls and eagles on and around your roof. Just remember to keep changing the place of these predator statues from time to time so that the birds don’t get use to them and realise they’re not real. Fear of predators will help keep the birds from creating a mess on your solar panels. This is the cheapest method of bird proofing solar panels and can be easily done by homeowners and businesses right around north Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

Clean Surroundings

An unclean yard or property can attract snakes and rodents. These animals and other insects are food for birds which will flock in to have a feed. When their full, they’ll need somewhere to sleep and your solar panel are the perfect location for them to rest. Therefore, Sparc Electrical recommends keeping your gardens clean to avoid attracting rodents, snakes, and insects to save your roof and solar system.

Bird Mesh

This is the chosen method that Sparc Electrical always uses and recommends. When solar panels are installed, there are gaps between the panel and the roof that provide the perfect nesting space for birds. Covering these gaps with a mesh stops the animals from getting beneath the panels. This is the most common bird proofing method in Brisbane and also the most effective.


Call Sparc Electrical Today

It’s a wise decision to invest in protecting your solar panels through bird proofing. With the help of the expert local electricians at Sparc Electrical, you can ensure your system operates at peak efficiency over the long term. Besides bird proofing, it’s essential to undertake regular maintenance to keep your solar panels in tip top condition. Sparc Electrical offer professional electrical services 24 hours a day throughout the northside of Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Give us a call on 0404 213 806 or email today to make a booking.